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​Course/Match Registration:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Course Schedule:​​

  • Saturday September 23, 2023  Red Dot Sight / Performance Pistol /Ridge & Valley G.C.
  • Saturday October 21, 2023      Defensive Handgun (Tier I) /Ridge & Valley G.C.
  • Saturday November 18, 2023   Semi-Automatic Rifle (Level 1) / Ridge & Valley G.C.
  • Sunday December 3, 2023       Tactical Shotgun Trap Match / Ridge & Valley G.C.

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We are beginning our Defensive Handgun Series again!!  It is a four day course offered one day a

a month introducing and practicing a philosophy requiring few techniques; easily understood and 

utilized for protection while stationary, moving, or from behind cover.  Various techniques are

shown and practiced through each Tier so that EACH student can find what techniques (and equipment) work best for them.  

Tier I          is an introduction to our defense philosophy, mindset, and various techniques.

                  These are practiced in both classroom and live fire settings.

Tier II         is a more practical application of these techniques, allowing each student to determine

                           what is working, what needs tweaking, or what might need to be re-evaluated and

                  changed.  In this class, we introduce low light considerations and Alternative Force.

Tier III        is a class dedicated to when "the situation isn't perfect."  We work on counter ambush

                  defense, close quarters; situations that can occur as a result of living our daily lives. 

                  This is our "what if" course.  

Tier III-SC   is a CLOSED course for Tier III graduates only.  It is purely student driven dealing with

                  special considerations, follow ups, or other topics and concerns our students have.

Tiers IV & V are reserved for law enforcement, tactical teams, military and special operations only.