Chaos Training Solutions

SMD strives to provide the most comprehensive and effective training that can be found anywhere in the region.  We are well aware of the ammunition situation and how that affects a shooter's ability to train.  We have partnered with Chaos Training Solutions (CTS).  Their air soft guns are engineered to perfectly replicate current firearm and MilSpec platforms.  They are meticulously designed to allow for complex and dynamic training using realistic weapon manipulation and recoil.

These guns offer a variety of advantages.  By utilizing them in our regular and advanced classes, we can reduce live ammunition round counts by up to fifty percent!!  This can save a student anywhere from $50 - $100.  

CTS training guns are designed for dynamic use which makes them perfect for Force on Force Classes as well as on-site active shooter and structure security training.  The 6mm pellets are non-lethal, non-marking, and easy to clean up.  This means we can utilize them in virtually any type of facility.  The large variety of CTS designs allows us to put almost any Air Soft gun in a student's hands that perfectly mimic the gun they use so a student can use their own holsters and gear.    

Targeting is extremely easy to use or even construct.  A carboard box filled with paper or cloth easily stops the pellets (muzzle velocities set between 340 - 380 FPS.  We also utilize the GunPower S.M.T. (Smart Monitor Target) System which gives us a variety of target scenarios.  

After over a year of heavy use and virtually no issues, we believe CTS non-lethal training weapons are some of the finest ANYWHERE in the world.  USA made.... Veteran owned.

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